Surveillance Systems

   Are you considering a surveillance system? There are many factors to consider. First, dont use a dummy surveillance camera in place of real surveillance cameras because this will give you a false sense of safety and also can be a legal liability. Do not record audio on your surveillance systems because the laws for audio recording are much more restrictive than recording only images. Use higly visable signs to let people know there are surveillance cameras present. The more people know there are surveillance cameras recording, the better the chance of deterring potential problems. Use professional signs, people will take them more seriously. Before buying a surveillance system, know exactly what you want to monitor and at what quality the recording should be. Also figure out how many surveillance cameras you will need. Also remember your new surveillance system will work better if you have proper lighting. Color surveillance monitors are becoming more and more popular, and cheaper. Consider the possibility of going color on your surveillance systems. Its very important to remember that your monitor needs to display at the same resolution as your surveillance cameras. Televisions are generally not good surveillance monitors because they are not built to run at extreme duration. There are two types of surveillance systems recorders VCR and DVR. DVR is better but more expensive. Using hard drives instead of tape means more quality images, long duration, easy data retrieval, and smaller storage.

In today's world Video Cameras and Surveillance Equipment are a must. Make sure you have the most updated equipment that you can afford. Video cameras and surveillance equipment are essential to you and your employees safety.